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Affected Areas where water needs to be boiled before consumption

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Considering the persisting drought, the Metro is strictly focusing on assisting and protecting the public.

Emergency intervention and mitigation work are undertaken and planned as a matter of urgency to ensure the supply of potable water to the City’s residents and businesses if one or more of the supply sources are depleted.

The drought intervention and mitigation team investigated the impact of the depletion of the western storage dam capacities and the implications to the communities if drought conditions prevail.

The NMBM Disaster Management Sub-Directorate, together with the Provincial Disaster Management Centre, has compiled and submitted the reports required for the Head of the National Disaster Management Centre to classify the drought as a disaster. The classification allows for the implementation of contingency arrangements and other measures to deal with a disaster, as supported by the Disaster Management Act. The declaration of a state of disaster will then follow the classification of the disaster.

Save water, save money!

You could save money by reducing your water consumption!

  • If you reduce your monthly water consumption from 30 kilolitres to 20 kilolitres, your payment can drop from R1 586.4 to R696.09. This is a saving of R890.40!
  • If you reduce your monthly water consumption from 20 kilolitres to 15 kilolitres, your payment can drop from R696.09 to R378.09. This is a saving of R318.00!
  • If you reduce your monthly water consumption from 15 kilolitres to 10 kilolitres, your payment can drop from R378.09 to R219.09. This is a saving of R159.00!
  • If you reduce your monthly water consumption from 10 kilolitres to 8 kilolitres, your payment can drop from R219.09 to R166.48. This is a saving of R52.61!

Every drop counts, but so does every rand. By reducing your water consumption, you WILL save money!

The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality has given four companies permission to supply non-potable water throughout the Metro in terms of Clause 26 (1) of the NMBM By-Laws and the General Authorisation Permit. This has been done to assist during times of water shortages.

Permits have been issued to the companies by the Department of Water and Sanitation. The Department has granted these companies permission to use their source of water as detailed in the approval and under the prevailing laws of the National Water Act 36 of 1998 Clause 3.

These permits grant the companies permission to supply water to residents and businesses in the Metro for non-potable use, such as the filling of swimming pools, car washes, high pressure cleaning services and domestic uses.

Residents and businesses are encouraged to buy non-potable water from the service providers below, as purchasing water from a company without a permit is a crime and residents will be held accountable for buying and selling water illegally.





041 992 3226
061 494 4398

041 506 2442
082 367 6896
082 575 1791 041 363 0311


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