About the NMBM Council


‘Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is a global city that is governed by an inclusive and innovative administration, focused on sustainable service delivery, socio-economic development, infrastructure development, local and regional integration through comprehensive initiatives.’



‘To be a globally competitive and preferred Metropole that works collectively with the people to improve lives, boost the economy, advocating zero corruption, and to have a transformed administration aimed at enhancing service delivery.’ 


Collectively we can achieve more



The City has 120 Councillors, comprising 60 Ward Councillors and 60 Proportional Representative (PR) Councillors, as elected by the residents of the Metro in the August 2016 Local Government elections.



The Executive Mayor governs together with the Speaker, who is the Chairperson of the Metropolitan Council, the Deputy Executive Mayor and a team of Chairpersons of Portfolio Committees within an Executive Mayoral Committee system.

Our Executive Mayoral system is combined with a vibrant Ward Participatory System to ensure community participation at grassroots level.

Council is headed by the Speaker. The role of a council in local government is that of lawmaker and, as such, it focuses on legislation, participation and oversight. In addition, municipal councils facilitate political discussions and debate in order to assist in planning and decision-making. The Council of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is headed by the Speaker and comprises 120 Councillors, elected through a mixed-member proportional representative system. Altogether 60 of those Councillors were elected through a voting process in the 60 wards that make up Nelson Mandela Bay. The remaining 60 Councillors were selected from party lists, on the basis that the total number of party representatives must be proportional to the number of votes received. 


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MR. Bennet Mzwenqaba Bhanga (DA) Executive Mayor
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MR. Jonathan Lawack (DA) Speaker
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MR. Morne Gerhard Steyn (DA) Chief Whip
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MR. Masixole Mac-Arther Zinto (DA) Human Settlements
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MR. Lance Patrick Grootboom (ACDP) Public Health
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MR. Rano Kayser (DA) Roads and Transport
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MR. John Best (DA) Safety and Security
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MS. Helga Christelle van Staaden (DA) Sport, Recreation, Arts & Culture
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MR. Malcolm John Figg (DA) Budget and Treasury
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MRS. Annette Lovemore (DA) Corporate Services and Human Resources
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MRS. Siyasanga Sijadu (COPE) Economic Development Tourism and Agriculture
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MR. Loxolo Namette (UDM) Deputy Executive Mayor
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MR. Thsonono Christopher Solomon Buyeye (AIC) Infrastructure and Engineering
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